LEVEL B Lesson 4 Coloring numbers with Photon

LEVEL B Lesson 4 Coloring numbers with Photon

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LEVEL B Lesson 4 Coloring numbers with Photon

Age 7-9
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About this course

Subject: Coloring numbers with Photon.



  • Photon the Robot
  • Tablet
  • Educational mat
  • Printed images with numbers
  • Cards with mathematical operations (addition)


Information about LEVEL B:

Level B is targeted at 2nd and 3rd grade of primary school. It was developed based on programming interfaces: Photon Badge and Photon Blocks.

At this stage, children practise spatial imagination, learn designing and route planning, and analyse problems so that they can create optimal solutions. In addition, pupils will learn how Photon can interact with the environment, which makes controlling the robot more advanced and autonomous.



Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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